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Australian songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Giselle Rosselli (aka Giselle) creates magical worlds through her chimera-pop by intertwining the whimsical and the familiar. Giselle first captured audience’s attention with her international debut 'Crave You’ - penned and performed for dj duo Flight Facilities - later going on to self-release her widely acclaimed single ‘Silk' and bedroom recording 'They Stay Down Deep' which featured on the TV show Skins.


Inspired by fantasy novels from her childhood and a romance for escapism Giselle meticulously constructs diverse and evocative landscapes of sound in her self-produced music. Her use of lost-and-found instruments such as the koto harp, accordion and kalimba and adaption of musical ideas from different cultures and times gives Giselle's music an expansive sound whilst her clear, vivid lyrics explore themes of intimate relationships within infinite spaces, the pursuit of courage and those small moments in life when everything else seems too big.

"Giselle Rosselli has the kind of voice that could stop the world in its tracks. The moment her vocals hit you, it’s as if everything else you were thinking about disappears." - Chad Hillard of

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